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The girl I take to the bus stop was completely inconsolable today

She got sad over so many things and every time I tried to help she’d just find something to say to counter my point and it got to the point where I couldn’t really say anything cause she just wasn’t having it

she cried so much she wore her sunglasses to school so nobody could see her eyes on the bus

I hope she has a better day tomorrow

Today when I was at work, the dog started barking which scared their youngest cat so she wedged herself between the arm of the couch and myself

I have been chosen

I just made an account somewhere and I typo’d my username and I can’t change it


The Smash 4 leaker was a Nintendo of America employee and he was fired and is being sued cause of the NDA

If that doesn’t confirm the leak I don’t know what will at this point tbh

Honestly, it’s a shame. The game is coming out in 3 weeks and this guy lost his job and is getting all this shit happening to him cause he couldn’t wait but at the same time, an NDA is an NDA, this is something I hope he prepared for

It’s still august and I’m listening to halloween songs

The first day of work went well, it’s just like I had never stopped lmao I enjoy seeing her even i I don’t enjoy getting up so fucking early

When the bus came one of the kids made fun of my glasses, though

So today the girl I take to the bus stop came over to give me my schedule for the school year and she saw my hat and now she wants me to wear it every day

It’s gotten to the point where even the jumpscares at five nights at freddy’s don’t scare me lmao

I’m crying I haven’t actually played awakening yet because I don’t have the money for it at the moment and I just now found out that there’s a beach/spa/festival rendition of the main theme I’m howling

I’m usually never excited about halloween because my dad has to work but this year halloween is on a friday which means that dad’s home and we can actually do things and I’m so fucking PUMPED but it’s still august


Sometimes I find it so surreal that Pikachu is the mascot of Pokemon, since Rhydon was the first Pokemon created

Could you imagine a bunch of people in Rhydon outfits running around or dressing as maids, a Rhydon kissing your screen, Ash’s partner being Rhydon, there being a Rhydon balloon at the thanksgiving day parade??? Thinking about that fucks me up

Once when I was a kid we went to a bookstore and there was a section for manga, and I saw a Yu-Gi-Oh manga volume there so I went to read it

Only it wasn’t about card games and I was so terribly confused and then my mom made me put it back cause she thought it was hentai, but then she saw the cover and let me keep reading it but I was so goddamn confused

I tagged that as nsfw and here comes the flood

We went to the docks today and there was a family of swans so I moved closer to the rail to watch them and then one of them swam up as close as it could get to me and just waited there cause it was waiting for me to feed it but I didn’t have any food lol

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