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I just had like, an entire thing of rice that was a mistake

So I had the weirdest Jojo dream ever last night

Pretty much, somehow, Cartoon Network got the rights to air Jojo, and I mean, Cartoon Network, not Adult Swim

So all of the Jojo fans were like “uh what” but we watched it anyway, and they aired the tv version of the show, not even censored more than it is now, just a fresh out of Japan episode of Jojo

And so, because this is Cartoon Network we’re talking about, they had little bumps in the commercials and the first one was a popularity poll and somehow Giorno beat Jotaro for most popular even though part 5 hasn’t happened in the anime yet????? The second bump was literally an MMD model of Jotaro dancing all these lewd dances to Gangnam Style and I went on skype and I messaged a friend: “I DON’T KNOW IF I LIKE JOJO ON CARTOON NETWORK”

So the actual episode was like, a lost episode that Araki wanted to put in the manga but he didn’t have time to so he god David Productions to animate it and basically, it took place between The Sun and Death 13, and what happened was, Death 13 had an accomplice and his Stand could exist in the dream world and it wasn’t that much unlike Cream in the sense that it could eat people and things but they wouldn’t disappear to a pocket void or anything, they’d just be stored in the stand

So the user, being a complete idiot, swallowed everyone but Jotaro and challenged him to a fight and I actually don’t remember how the dream ended but if I had to guess, Jotaro won somehow despite not being able to use Star Platinum cause of Death 13 and it was just really weird

People thinking the next episode of Jojo is Death 13 and not The Sun even though it has the episode title in the coming attractions at the end of each episode



I’M GONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heeey I was tagged by mrtoriko it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these

I have to say 5 good things about myself

  1. My hair is my best feature, 2 1/2 feet long and still going
  2. I’m having a good bay with my body positivity so my body’s really nice too
  3. My art’s improved a lot over the years and even though I need to work on it more I still think I’ve come a long way
  4. I love making arts and crafts and I love all the things I make
  5. Even though college’s stressful as shit I’ve learned a lot and that makes me feel good about myself

I’m way too lazy to tag people though so if you want to do this then go ahead lol

I’m gonna be completely real here

If that giant Star Platinum is a nice price, I’m gonna get it

When you switch to new headphones and they were better quality than your old ones


"Sheik and Impa encounter hostile Zelda in the water temple"

"water temple"


ngl too bad people wouldn’t react with praise if I wore my horns out every day cause I really like them

I preordered Layton vs Ace Attorney but I was like, $3 short of paying the full amount in one go

I know it doesn’t really matter but still


Eating cherry garcia ice cream and I just got a whole cherry

Is the loud popping sound outside my house fireworks or gunshots we just don’t know

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